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AMO Instruments

Weather Instruments Location

AMOS(Aerodrome Meteorological Observation System)

AMOSs are installed near the runway complex in all airports in Korea as basic aviation meteorological observation equipment. AMOS is composed of meteorological sensors, a data processing computer and display units. Each sensor automatically measures, collects, processes, displays and transmits data.

The data are continuously processed and updated by AMOS, and are provided to MET, ATS, OPS, COM and other operator offices for the real-time display of meteorological conditions.

Wind direction and speed, RVR, temperature, dew-point temperature, atmospheric pressure, cloud height, and the amount of precipitation are automatically measured by AMOS, while sky conditions, visibility and present weather are manually observed and added to the automatic reports.

AMOS Organization
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TDWR (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar)

The TDWR is installed at Wang Mountain, at a height of 142 meters above mean sea level and located 10 km west of the runway complex of Incheon Airport, and monitors and detects significant weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, windshear, and microbursts occurring or expected to occur at the airport.

  • Radome
    • Radome
  • Antenna
    • Antenna
  • Transmitter/Receiver
    • Transmitter/Receiver


Low Level Wind shear Detection System

LLWAS (Low Level Wind shear Alert System) - The LLWAS in operation at Incheon , Jeju and Yangyang airports consists of one master station and several remote stations. The number of remote stations depends on the geographical conditions of the site. The LLWAS at Incheon and Yangyang Airports has 8 remote stations, respectively, Jeju has 11 remote stations.

Wind Profiler- Wind Profiler directly detects upper air wind by using air flow and particles. Now, Wind Profiler is installed in Ulsan airport.

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  • Low Level Wind shear Detection System2
  • Low Level Wind shear Detection System3