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Education and Training

KMA has regular training programs for its staff members to acquire up-to-date theories and practices on meteorology. In addition, it provides training programs to educate weather-related professionals and to promote the spread of meteorological information among the general public.

Training programs for the staff members of KMA consist of various kinds of subjects and periods. The shortest course is to improve their work performance in the area of overall meteorological practices, technology of weather forecasts, numerical weather predictions, instruments, and information technology. The longer training programs, usually longer than eight months, including the Forecaster Training Course and the Meteorology College Course, are available to provide in-depth knowledge of meteorology and related fields. Every year, about 30% of all staff members have a chance to take a training course.

The eight-month Forecaster Training Course, held once a year, helps staffs learn the latest theories and practices of meteorology required for professional weather forecasters. In addition, the Meteorology College Course gives an opportunity for staff with no meteorological background to be awarded a B.S. degree in meteorology after the completion of credits required.

To help diverse end-users to enhance their understanding of meteorology, one-week programs are provided to the people using real meteorological information and their applications in fields such as agriculture, environment, disaster prevention, oceanography, and aviation.

Meteorological information training program
Meteorological information training program