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Private Sector

KMA commenced 'Private Forecasting Industry Program' from July 1997. Under this program, the registered private enterprises are allowed to produce and sell specific weather information to specific users which is difficult to be individually served by KMA. There are 14 enterprises (one of them suspended) operating in 2007. With the introduction of this program, private forecasting enterprises can provide detailed forecasts on smallscaledregions, specific locations, and specific terms. Consequently, it will truely open the era of customersatisfying weather services. Private forecasting enterprises are providing various weather services such as forecasts on specific areas like golf course, weather insurances on specific events, weather consultations on private businesses, automatic response system (ARS) on weather services. In addition, the Weather Service Support Agency was designated to assist the private forecasting enterprises for better weather services more efficiently from December 1, 2005. However, the advisories/warnings for the purpose of protecting people's lives and properties should be issued only by KMA.

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