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COMIS (COmbined Meteorological Information System)

COMIS(COmbined Meteorological Information System) of KMA is constructed to enhance efficiency and flexibility through logical integration and physical distribution in accordance with fundamental changing of meteorological business paradigm, rapid increasing of mass weather information(large size etc..) requirement and expanding of meteorological business domain.

COMIS was first constructed to achieve computerization of overall meteorological business process in 1995. The early stage COMIS was for computerization and the next version COMIS-II was a web-based system. The new COMIS-III focuses on the standardization while maintaining the special characteristics of other KMA systems. Also, the main role of the COMIS-III is to supply the appropriate weather information, required by COMIS users, via web. The objectives of COMIS-III are to supply world-best IT infrastructure and to build the global information exchange system.

After completing of the COMIS-III, there are a lot of improvement effects for various system users such as decision officers, forecasters, and weather modelers. Furthermore, it is possible to supply more accurate, rapid and various weather information and to service preventing national disasters using improved data management and integrated forecast database systems.

COMIS (Combined meteorological Information System)

COMIS-III is KMA's main system to play a decisive role within meteorological business process that contains collecting, manufacturing, analyzing and using data. COMIS-III consists of several application systems, which are Intranet Portal ( 'comis' in a narrow sense) being used within KMA internal, monitoring system, searching/supply system, collecting/distribution system and forecast related system, and so on. Intranet Portal system is composed by KOMAF(Korea Meteorological Administration Application Framework) which is KMA exclusive S/W framework. It is well designed to embody the KMA's own specialized functions with user oriented UI and easy searching menu style. Furthermore it is based on Java interface to improve its functions and adopt SSO(Single Sign On) to raise user convenient accessing many different application systems.

Monitoring system manages and monitors real-time coming and going status of all external and internal KMA weather information data accumulated into KMA storage pool. Forecasters own integration system supply one-stop service by receiving and using speedily data. Improved reliability and subdivided inspection can maximize analyzing and using data. On the other hand this system provides appropriate customized weather information to users with automatic notification program.

COMIS-III is made up above 200TB unified storage pool that stores all data through observation, collection/processing, analysis stages. This integration system supports total weather information management and assists to attain business efficiency.

For these kind of services, Comis-III is constructed large-sized rdbms, Oracle 10g include RAC module, and introduced new 90 blade type servers and 86 linux OS. Total 250Tb enormous size storage allows to cope with any kind of difficult business processes.

ALWAYS(Automatic Local WeAther Information System)

The ALWAIS has been set up for monitoring the real-time nationwide weather conditions and ensuring appropriate responses against severe weather. It collects and analyzes observation data collected from 462 AWSs, weather radars, and weather satellites. It also displays and distributes the data in the forms of weather charts, composite images and warning levels. On KMA Intranet and MISS-DP, Open-KMA AWS data are updated every minute.

  • Temperature(1min)
  • Rain(60min)
  • Wind Vec(10min)
  • LGT KMA Dist