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Role & Requirement
  • Interconnected global information system
  • Common infra system across all those WMO Programmes
Technical Requirement
  • High reliability and suitable for support
  • Low cost accessible to all WMO members
  • Modularized structure with flexible and extendable
  • Use the standard approach for SW & HW
  • Should get the base of GTS
  • Accessible with public network, internet, etc
Vision of WIS
  • Catalogs all WMO data and products
  • Maintain and improvement of existing GTS
  • Benefits more than just for WMO programmes
  • Access to data with DAR (discovery, access, and retrieval)
  • Common global information system based on international industry standards
Main Actors in WIS
  • NC(National Centre)
    - Collects and generates or distributes data and products in national scope
  • DCPC : Data Collection & Production Centre
    - Collects and generates or distributes data and products in regional scope
  • GISC : Global Information System Centre
    - Ensuring accessibility of WMO data and information globally
    - Interoperation between other GISCs with all those metadata

Fig. 1. GISC Candidates(15-Country(year of 2011)).

WIS Developing in KMA
  • KMA also has set the feet in WIS development with the cooperation of France, United Kingdom and Australia as the OpenWIS founder.
  • Based on the best organized communication infra and quality SW technology, KMA has been developing WIS centers of GISC, DCPCs for the operation, year of 2012.

Fig. 2. KMA's WIS Centers.

Fig. 3. International Cooperation for WIS Development(2010 ~ 2012).

Fig. 4. International Cooperation for GISC Seoula(as of 2012).