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Internet Broadcasting System Nalsee ON

KMA operates an Internet weather broadcasting system called “Nalsee ON” to provide high-quality weather information to the general public in real-time, and to provide weather disaster and weather science-related information in movie. It commenced the pilot operation in September 2007, and is scheduled to operate full service in July 2008. “Nalsee ON” provides VOD (Video On Demand) services, weather information services, and CCTV screens depicting present sea condition status. The weather forecast explanation and weather-related breaking news services are directly recorded and broadcast in real-time by the KMA forecaster. Periodically, daily weather forecasts, monthly weather forecasts, and three-month weather forecasts are broadcast via the Internet. Through the “I am VJ” project, only members can directly upload weather-related UCC. “Nalsee ON” owns andprovides a diverse VIDEO content related to weather, utilizing it jointly with related institutions, such as the broadcasting authority, the Korea Science Foundation, the National Institute for Disaster Prevention, and the Traffic Broadcasting System. In the future, "Nalsee ON" will be utilized as a precious channel capable of directly communicating weather conditions to the public. “Nalsee ON” is hoped to be possibly developed as special broadcasting services for weather science, including weather disaster prevention through promoting the importance of weather information and using video services in education.