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  The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), as a government meteorological organization, is responsible for issuing information on earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. The Administration observes seismic and tidal phenomena and volcanic eruptions, collects related data from its nationwide observation stations on a real-time basis, and analyzes the data using its comprehensive data processing systems.

  These activities are observed by the National Earthquake and Volcano Center (NEVC) of KMA. The NEVC monitors seismic activities, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions in and around the Korean Peninsula for 24 hours a day, to mitigate earthquake, tsunami and volcanic disasters and to release information and warnings in a timely manner. This Center carries out various jobs: monitoring seismic activities within the country, analyzing seismograms to identify the source area and magnitude of an earthquake, issuing timely seismic information and warnings about tsunamis, and constructing a seismic database (DB) with raw and event data, etc.

View of National Earthquake and Volcano Center(NEVC), KMA