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  • Greetings
    • ¡°Prompt, Accurate, and Valuable Meteorological Services¡±
    • Welcome to the website of the National Center for Meteorological Supercomputer.
    • Abnormal weather events caused by recent climate change and global warming are emerging every year, inconveniencing our daily lives and possibly even threatening our life and property.
    • On the other hand, meteorological information has become valuable and even more indispensable part of our lives with the increase in demand for various weather information regarding leisure activities and industrial economy.
    • NCMS operates a world-class meteorological supercomputer to produce numerical weather prediction products that underlie valuable weather information.
    • NCMS also performs many other duties, such as establishing related policy, technology development, external cooperation and so on.
    • There have been many evaluations of the socio-economic effects caused by the introduction of meteorological supercomputer. But, we can assure that the paradigm of weather forecasting has evolved along with the technological advances whenever supercomputer was introduced.
    • We, NCMS will make every effort to protect people¡¯s lives and property through providing valuable weather prediction products under the motto ¡°the sky is our friend, and the public, our sky.¡±
    • Thank you.
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