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  • Main Roles
  • The National Center for Meteorological Supercomputer performs an important role in providing prompt and reliable weather prediction products for forecasters and related organizations through collecting meteorological observation data from all over the world and operating a high performance supercomputer with various high resolution numerical weather prediction models.
  • 1 Introduction and Operation of Supercomputer
  • Introduction of the Meteorological Supercomputer and related systems.
  • Operation and management of Supercomputer, Responsing to system failures.
  • Training and technical support for Supercomputer users.
  • 2 Supercomputer user operating environment service
  • Establishment of numerical weather prediction model operation environments and optimizing its performance.
  • User operation monitoring and coping with system failure.
  • Management and service of supercomputer production.
  • 3 Management of National Meteorological Supercomputer Center
  • Management and protection of the National Meteorological Supercomputer Center¡¯s building facilities.
  • Maintenance of Supercomputer¡¯s infrastructure(e.g. electricity, networks, security, generator, fire, etc.)
  • 4 Activating supercomputing in the field of earth science¡¤atmospheric science
  • Establishment of a supercomputer sharing policy for national earth science and atmospheric science.
  • Supports the training of experts in the field of supercomputing (Programming education, Workshop)

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