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  • KMA is a governmental organization of the Republic of Korea under the Ministry of Environment (MOE). Its mission is defined to protect citizens' lives and properties from natural disasters and improve the commonwealth of the public in ways such as support for economic activities.

    In this regard, KMA undertakes the observation and analysis of meteorological phenomena on the ground, in the ocean, and in the atmosphere, while providing weather forecasts and warnings, and presents climate statistics and industrial-meteorological data.

    Furthermore, KMA exchanges meteorological data and information with domestic and foreign organizations, conducts research and technology development activities, and promptes international cooperations KMA is composed of three bureaus (Forecast, Meteorological Technology & System, and Climate Information & Technology), two offices (Policy Management & Public Relation and Director General of Earthquake), the Numerical Prediction Center, Headquarters for Industrial Meteorological & Social Welfare, the National Institute of Meteorological Research, the Korean Aviation Meteorological Agency, and 5 Regional Meteorological Administrations, with 1281 civil servants. There are a total of 97 weather stations including 10 radar, 4 upper-air observation stations, and Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) operated by KMA.
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