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  • Electricity
    • Specifications
    • Input power capacity: 14,000kW(22.9kV 3P 4W)
    • Transformer List
    Supercomputer Infrastructure Office facilities Reserve Total
    2,500kVA ¡¿ 4EA 1,750kVA
    1,250kVA 2,500kVA 16,500kVA
    • Purpose
    • Facility that transforms the high voltage (22.9kV) received from KEPCO to the available low-voltage (380V-220V) and supplies it to the Supercomputer
    • Features
    • Supplies stable electric power via dual line system (Main line/ Sub line)
    • Protective relaying system that rapidly controls breakdown
    • 72 Jungsimsangeop 2-ro Cheongwon-gu Cheongju-si Chungcheongbuk-do 28119 REPUBLIC OF KOREA.
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