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  • Green Energy

  • Geothermal Heat Facilities

    • Specifications
    Heat pump Heat exchanger Buffer tank Circulation pump
    76kW 5EA 30¥Õ 40EA 3,000L 5.5kW 6EA
    • Purpose
    • Uses a constant temperature underground and lays the heat exchanger pipe under the ground 150m below, in order to circulate the water and use it for office cooling and heating.
    • Features
    • Eco-friendly system with no danger of emitting green house gases
    • Economical by obtaining 75% of its energy from underground

    Solar Energy Facilities

    • Specifications
    Feature Type Spec of panel Num of panel Capacity
    Photovoltaic Power Generation A Grid-connected type with inverter 250W 12 row ¡¿ 6 ciruit 18kW
    • Purpose
    • Uses radiant light form the sun harnessed using photovoltaics
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