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The Administrator of KMA, Mr. KIM, came first...

The Administrator of KMA, Mr. KIM, came first in the election 

of WMO EC winning 124 votes out of 142


Mr. KIM Jongseok, the Administrator was elected the member of the Executive Council (EC) of the World Meteorological Administration (WMO) during the 18th Session of the World Meteorological Congress, which was held in Geneva from 3 to 14 June, 2019. 

The fact that he won 124 votes out of 142, the largest number in RAII, shows that how many efforts have been made by the KMA for the last years with the EC membership for the WMO programs and Members since 2007.

At the luncheon reception right before the EC Election, Mr. KIM introduced his plan as a potential member of the EC saying that he would faithfully fulfill his role, in particular, in the areas including Official Development Assistance (ODA) through expanding our development cooperation projects; capacity development especially focused on forecasts, satellite, radar and ICT, connecting with RTC-Korea; and by increasing financial contributions such as WMO trust Funds for IPCC, GFCS and VCP and proportional contribution.


The Executive Council of the WMO implements decisions of Congress, coordinates programmes, manages the budget and considers on resolutions and recommendations from the sub-structures of the Organization. As the EC member, he hopes to more get involved in the high-level policy making process as well as contributing to the advancement of the meteorological society globally in cooperation with other Member countries, particularly, in the new era of the WMO reform.

Mr. KIM is supposed to serve as the EC member during the 18th financial period until 2023, with other members in our region of RAII from United Arab Emirates (President of RAII), China, Japan, Iran and India for the whole WMO community.

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