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Dr. NAM, the Administrator of the KMA, was designated as the EC of the WMO.

Dr. NAM, the Administrator of the KMA, was designated as the EC of the WMO.

The Administrator of the KMA, Dr. Jaecheol NAM was elected as the acting member of the Executive Council (EC) of the World Meteorological Administration (WMO) following his predecessor, Dr. KO in the 70th Session of the EC of the WMO which was held in Geneva from 20 to 29 June, 2018. 

The Executive Council of the WMO implements decisions of Congress, coordinates programmes, manages the budget and considers on resolutions and recommendations from the sub-structures of the Organization. It consists of a president, three vice-presidents, the six regional association presidents and 27 directors of National Meteorological or Hydrometeorological Services elected by Congress.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) has held the seat on the EC since 2007 after the KMA was admitted to the WMO in 1956. Increased visibility of the KMA through the contributions to the capacity development of the developing countries and his active involvement in the WMO activities, in particular, as a vice-president of the Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) of the WMO are considered the main factors for this election.

As the member of the EC, he will expand the ODA projects, more get involved in the high-level policy making process and contribute to the advancement of the international meteorological society. Dr. NAM is supposed to serve as the member of the EC until the next Congress in 2019, with other members from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India and United Arab Emirates, representing the Regional Association II.

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